Why Choose Tier 1?

Let our players tell you why!

"Our son has worked with Coach Tucker for over three years and he has improved in every aspect of the game - hitting, fielding, and pitching - which has enabled him to earn a spot on the varsity roster and contribute to his team.

Coach Tucker and his team of coaches know the game, are good at teaching the required skills, run fast-paced practices, do a good job coaching during games, and give feedback in a way that not only teaches but also motivates.

The coaches care about the players as people, and create a friendly atmosphere, while still focusing on results.  During his time with Coach Tucker, our son has grown as a player, and importantly, also as a person.  We highly recommend Coach Tucker and Tier 1."

-Parents of Tier 1 player

"We have known Coach Tucker for the past four years and he has been instrumental in the development of our son not only as a baseball player but also as a well-rounded human being.  Coach Tucker is everything we were looking for in a baseball coach: knowledgeable, approachable, a good communicator and a positive role model.   He shows an interest in each of his players and a desire to see each player fulfill his potential.  Our son is a better player, teammate and person for having played for Coach Tucker."


- Gayle and Alastair Kirkpatrick

"I can honestly say that Coach Tucker is the best coach I've ever played for. Tuck was the first coach I met when I joined the organization I played for during the summer and fall seasons. From the very start, he preached hard work. What sets him apart from all the other coaches I've had is he knows the game inside and out. He would recognize subtle things that most players my age wouldn't notice and then take the time to teach every player. During one particular game, he knew what pitch was coming just by looking to see if the shortstop's glove was open or closed. I am very confident in saying that a player would not get that kind of insight about the game from most of the coaches out there. The more i got to know him, the more we became friends. I trust and respect him as a coach and would encourage any player looking to improve his ability or just find a great team to play for, to give Coach Tucker a call. You will not regret it."


-Tier 1 Player

"Playing for Coach Tucker my last 2 years of select baseball were the best summers I have had. Not just as a baseball player but as a person as well. Coach Tucker taught me many lessons on and off the field that I still carry with me to this day. There isn't a person that I know that has as much knowledge of the entire game of baseball then him. With Coach Tucker having such good experience at the professional level you know you are getting top notch instruction. He teaches you how to play the game the right way with the right techniques to do it. Along with the great instruction, he brings a personal level to it. He helped me grow as a person and help me understand what I needed to do to help myself standout as an athlete wanting to make to the next level."


- Tier 1 Player

Players in Action

Tier1 16U'15 TSL State Championship
Tier1 16U vs. San Antonio Outlaws