Our Mission

At Tier 1 baseball, our goal is to develop and improve baseball players on the field as well as young men off the field. We feel that teaching the fundamentals of baseball is a key component of player development, but there is a vast set of unseen aspects that accompany each repetition of a swing or pitch. Not only do we want to emphasize making each player the best they can possibly be, we also want to teach how to play the game the correct way. It’s the minute details that can alter the outcome of a game entirely. The intangibles of a player make them just as valuable to their team as each one of the five tools. Through the knowledge and experience of the staff, we know that we can prepare every young man mentally and physically for each at bat or first pitch. With a team dynamic and the thrill of competition coupled with individual and small group workshops, the sky is the limit for what each individual can attain. Tier 1 Baseball, compete at a level second to none.